Learn about Courtney’s experience working with me over at Health For Freedom.

9 to Thrive: Startup Consultancy For Heart-Led Leaders

Forget 12 month Masterminds. Your fast track to success lies in one thing, and one thing only - your foundations as a business. If you’re ready to launch but have no idea where to start, this is the programme for you.

Work with me online or in person and together, we'll create an authentic personal brand which taps into the 3 ‘profit pillars’ - passion, purpose and community.

Whether you want to use the knowledge from your 9 to 5 to spin a side hustle, or become the go-to health coach in your area, consider 9 to Thrive your one-stop-shop for everything you need to get your business up and running - in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of money.

 The Alignment Hour

Find your ‘Zone of Genius,’ unlock your highest potential and transform your business with the Alignment Hour.

Many business owners I come across are working in their zone of excellence; they’re scratching the surface of their niche and wondering why it’s a struggle to attract the perfect client. And this is why I have created The Alignment Hour - a one off consultancy call that helps you uncover your deeper mission, once and for all.


10K In 10 Months: Instagram Coaching

Do you struggle to build a community around your brand? Are you screaming to the masses with little return, and lost with what to post?

What you might not realise is it takes 7 seconds for a customer to form a good first impression of your business. Which is why your social media needs to be a priority.

Maybe you’re a consultant, nutritionist or personal trainer who wants to showcase your talents and build a following. Maybe you want to promote your bricks and morter business online to create a deeper relationship with your community (instead of using traditional, outdated methods), or maybe you own a service based brand, but struggle to build a community buzz on social media.

If so, it’s time for your 7 Second Edit. Allow me to help you hit 10K followers, turn popularity into profits and become a trending influencer in your industry.

Pay today in full and receive instant access to my recent ‘Grow Your ‘Gram Masterclass,’ so you can learn everything I know about how to reach your dream audience. Then we’ll jump on a private 60 minute coaching call to iron out the kinks and create a game-changing social media strategy for your business.

Part Time Business Consultancy

Every so often, I come across a business I really want to get behind. If you run a purpose driven initiative and think we’d be a great fit to work together long term, get in touch to tell me more!

Whether you’re local in Cheshire, or available over Skype, together we can create a month-on-month startup, social and marketing strategy that puts you streets ahead of the competition.