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My game-changing coaching group for leaders and lightworkers.

As business owners, we need to spend at least 30% of our time on marketing our own brand. But whilst that sounds pretty doable, it’s all too easy to spend too much time on our clients, and take our eyes off the social media ball.

And this is the reason I’ve created the academy!

✓ Learn how to inspire, energise and connect with your audience 7 days a week.

✓ Become the authority in your niche with relevant, on trend content.

✓ Quit overthinking, and find the confidence you need to become the face of your brand.

✓ Full review (over voice note) of your Instagram feed every month, on request.

✓ Learn the 7 day ‘sales cycle’ that builds trust with your audience and turns followers into clients.

✓ Stay motivated and accountable to your social media goals.

✓ Stay ahead of the curve with insights about Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook.

✓ Prep in advance with my live updates: discover trending social media topics and upcoming events such as ‘Stress Awareness Month’ and ‘Earth Day.’

✓ Ask me and other business owners for feedback on your posts, stories and live videos.

✓ Private Facebook community.

✓ Go Live Challenges.

✓ Brainstorm and collaborate with fellow content makers.

✓ Weekly coaching and live Q&A.

✓ 20% off one to one coaching.

INCLUDES INSTANT ACCESS to my ‘Grow Your ‘Gram’ Masterclass, featuring 45 minutes of game-changing social media hacks.

All for just £29/month

Kate brings a lot of passion into marketing your brand and really understands the intricacies of Instagram and Facebook.

Her communication skills are excellent and she is super friendly, flexible and easy to work with. It’s hard to find the full package, so if you want your social media accounts to be growing, active and running smoothly, Kate is the solution.

The only reason I wouldn’t recommend her is because we don’t want to share her!”

No hidden contract. Cancel anytime.